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How did Frites start?

Our founder had the privilege of living in Belgium when he was a young child.  Belgium is famous for their specially prepared french fries; they call them pommes frites.  He never forgot the taste, and had a dream to bring this incredible french fry eating experience to people in the US.


Where did the name Frites come from?

Our name pays homage to Pommes Frites, the amazing french fries made famous in Belgium.


How do you pronounce Frites?

Simple, we pronounce it "Freet-z".


What kind of potatoes do you use to make your fries?

We use only the best U.S. grown Russet potatoes.


What salt do you use on your fries?

We use premium salt, naturally harvested from the Mediterranean sea.


Can you accommodate guests who want no salt?

Yes, we are happy to fulfill this request, just ask when you order.


What oil do you fry in?

We fry in high quality Peanut oil.


Are your fries gluten free?

Our french fries are 100% gluten free. We only ever cook fries, from fresh potatoes, in our fryers. This guarantees the peanut oil is not contaminated by any items not suitable to a gluten free diet.


Do you have vegan and vegetarian options?

We only ever cook fresh potatoes in our fryers, making our fries a great choice for those seeking vegan, or vegetarian options. We also offer vegan and vegetarian friendly meals, toppings, and dipping sauces.


Where can you experience this delicious treat?

We are planning on expanding nationally; however, right now enjoy at our flagship store in the Lehigh Valley mall in Whitehall, PA!


How do we perfectly salt our fries?

 We toss them in a special frites tosser, imported from Europe, to perfectly coat them with our premium salt.


What makes our fries so perfect?

It is the care we take and the process we follow when making our fries.  We hand cut the potatoes, soak them overnight, fry them twice and serve them to order so they are always piping hot!


Is there a difference between our fries and Belgian pommes frites?

In Belgium, pommes frites are usually cooked in animal fat (beef, horse, and duck) where at Frites we use a healthier, delicious peanut oil.


Do you serve anything else other than French fries?

Everything we offer is based around our perfect French fries!


Where do we get our premium teas?

We have our teas custom crafted by the Art of Tea, a specialty tea supplier!


Interested in truffle fries?

We serve our perfect fries with a custom blended truffle salt.


Do you make all your dipping sauces?

All of our sauces are prepared in our store, to guarantee the freshest eating experience possible. However, we import our 'frites sauce' from Europe to ensure our customers enjoy the authentic Pommes Frites experience.


What is "frites sauce"?

Frites sauce is one of our more popular dipping sauces, one that we import from Europe.  The best way to describe it is a "sweet mayonnaise".


What credit cards do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards, including VISA, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.


Are you franchising?

We are currently exploring opportunities to expand into new markets.


Do you offer call ahead?

Our fries are always cooked to order, yet only take a few minutes.  We do not offer call ahead ordering, because we believe that our fries should always be served steaming hot, moments after being cooked.


What benefits would I enjoy by subscribing to the newsletter?

By signing up you will receive the latest news, offers, and exclusive invitations.


Do you offer Frites Gift cards?

 Yes, you may purchase a gift card at any Frites location.


Where can I apply for a career at Frites?

Find out more on our career page.


Do we have Holiday Hours?

Frites restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day to allow our team members to spend time with their family and friends. Depending on the amount of business on the day before these holidays, the restaurants may close early. We leave this decision to the discretion of the management team. Please contact the restaurant directly for the scheduled closing time the day before Thanksgiving and on Christmas Eve.


Do your oils contain trans fats?

Our cooking oils do not contain trans fats.


Do you use GMO products?

We do not use any genetically modified products in our kitchen, we believe in using ingredients in their natural form.


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